Tuesday, June 22, 2010

lovely poem =D

4get him,,,
4get his name,,,,
4get his face,,,
4get his kiss,,
4get his warm embrace,,,
4get the love that you once knew,,,
remember he has someone new,,
4get him when they played ur song,,,
remember when you cried all night long,,,
4get how close you once were,,
remember he has chosen her,,
4get how you memorized his walk,,
4get the way he used to talk,,
4get the thing he used to say,,,
remember he has gone away,,
4get he said he'd leave you never,,
remember his gone away,,

for the poem(walaupuwn die cilok dr wall mbr die),,
tp poem nie tetap ade mksd yg tersendiri,,
really2 appreciates it,,

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