Thursday, June 24, 2010

suke suki =p


2 be involved is very easy,,
2 cherish it is sum wut painless,,
2 break 1 is hard 2 do,,
2 appreciate it would be priceless,,
is set by god 4 all of us,,
in life,in love,in everything,,
4 u stepping in my life was set by god,,
was so exhilarating,,
r wut we choose 2 do in life,,
2 live,2 love,2 enjoy it all,,
i choose 2 love you 4 now n 4 later,,
i'll stand diz choices,,
n will never fall,,
stand 4 us by our choices,,
rite or wrong is 4 us to discover,,
but if u feel the way dat i feel,,
maybe we r destined 2 be together,,
in described already the way it is,,
making the world a better place 2 live,,
if what we have grows fond and strong,,
i promise you,,
love is all i give,,

wif the passion of love,,
with a face so solemn,,
with blessing from the sky above,,
im writing this POEM,,
fair skin and lucid pools 4 eyes,,
she's an angel with a sweet smile,,
her radiance so warm it melts ices,,
its drifts away 4 a miles,,
on a seemingly auspicious morning,,
i summoned da courage 2 approach her,,
2 confess my love n feelings,,
at last the result was bitter,,
now my life is shadowed by darkness,,
words of rejection have shattered my heart,,
im down with sadness,,
making me the weakest,,
images of her tearing me apart,,
get up i shall rise again,,
2 enter a new page of my life,,
4 get the sorrow n leave the pain,,
n live a brand new life,,

actually ak dpt poem nie dr someone( xperlu taw sape),,
lame dah la,,
tyme ak form4 xsilap,,
ak masih simpan,,
coz suke ayat yg die bagi nie,,

1 comment:

Dira Alwan said...

sweet nyer..
colourful lak tu,
cam rainbow..
warne2 happiness!!!